Business Consultation

Organizational restructuring is the improvement or change in the management structure. Decentralization of the organization's authority from the original structure as well as improving the various structures and functions within the organization in order to achieve the organization's goals and be more efficient. This will make your business more ready to grow. Limiting the risks of business operations, can smoothly operate in the long term.         It can significantly reduce tax expenses both in the short term and long term. Thus, business restructuring is indispensable for every business.

Methods for business restructuring are as follows:

  • Transfer of shares
  • Entire business transfer
  • Merger
  • Partial business transfer
System Implementation
Accounting systems are important to every business. Organization of accounting information and good internal control will help prevent potential fraud. The accounting information includes the design of the document form, accounting recording, classification and preparation of various reports with ability to review the origin of each item. As a result, the chances of fraud are more difficult. In addition, accounting data can also be analyzed for businesses, being able to plan business in order to find deficiency for preparing strategic plans, preventing and resolving any problems that may arise as well.

The scope of system implementation consulting as follows:

  • Give advice in the process of accounting system implementation
  • Give advice in the process of system implementation for purchase, sale, production, accounting recording, reporting from the beginning to the end of the process
Process Improvement
Process improvement is the practice in which an organization's management analyzes their business processes to improve and change work process accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency for the better.

Key business process improvement as follows:

  • Identify what process needs changes
  • Analyze the pain points
  • Conduct a root cause analysis
  • Assessment and design
  • Implement the new process
  • Review and evaluate the process
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