Accounting Advisory

Audit and Assurance
Provide auditing service by Certified Public Account (CPA) who have experience from Big4.

Our auditing service policy adheres to professional ethics, independence and integrity. We comply with the auditing standards and quality control at a high level.

Scope of auditing service as follows;

  • Auditing of annual financial statements.
  • Review of financial statements.
  • Reporting on the observations during the audit for significant deficiencies in the internal control and accounting to the management as well as giving the consultation and suggestion.
Accounting Services
Scope of accounting service as follows;

  • Consultation on accounting preparation in accordance with financial reporting standards.
  • Consulting on closing financial statements, submitting financial statements to relevant regulators.
  • Consulting on implementation of accounting systems.
  • Consulting on internal control in accounting.
  • Consulting on a group reporting package
  • Consulting on GAAP Conversion (eg. IFRS, US GAAP or rely on accounting policy)
  • Consulting on the preparation of various reports or financial statements to management or regulator.
  • Consulting on accounting documents and related forms such as tax invoices, receipts, etc.
  • Consulting on other accounting related matters according to your needs.


A good accounting system can decrease inappropriate expenses and reduce the penalty.
Tax filing and submission
Scope of tax filing and submission as follows;

  • Consulting on the corporate income tax compliance matters such as reviewing tax computation, preparing tax returns and reviewing tax provisions (CIT, VAT and WHT)
  • Consulting on personal income tax planning
  • Consulting on the tax filing and submission of tax documents
Business Registration
Scope of business registration as follows; 

  • Company registration
  • Change information of registered transactions
  • Modification and addition of objectives of registered transactions
  • Registration of increase or decrease in capital
  • Modification of director and authorized director of registered transactions
  • Liquidation of company registration
Financial Due Diligence
Financial due diligence is the process to verify and review a potential deal and investment opportunity that is used to confirm all relevant facts and financial information, and verification of anything brought up during M&A deals or investment processes.

Scope of Financial Due Diligence as follows;

  • Analysis of quality and availability of assets
  • Analysis of quality and reliability of financial statements
  • Assessing the key issues/risks faced by the business
  • Identifying the key financial risks having potential impact on the transaction
Board of Investment (BOI)
The scope of work related to investment promotion (BOI) is to perform Agreed-Upon procedure and provide factual report of findings by Certified Public Account (CPA) to apply for corporate income tax benefits according to the conditions in the investment promotion certificate (BOI).
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