Special Purpose

The special project based on each business needed which was based on requirement and project scope.
Merger & Acquisition: M&A
Business merger and acquisition methods can be summarized as follows.

  • Share acquisition: Purchasing or acquiring some or all of the voting shares of the entity. The buyer may or may not take the role of management. The purchasing process can be done in the following ways:

         - Buying by paying for shares in cash or issuing the new shares (Share Swap)
         - Purchasing shares through the establishment of a Holding Company


  • Asset or business acquisition:  The purchase or acquisition of assets, business units, in substantial parts, or all of another entity without the seller's rights, duties, or responsibilities of the seller passed to the buyer. The seller can remain the purchased entity and continue to run the business or liquidate the business.


  • Amalgamation: When two or more companies merge to form a new company. As a result, the former companies will no longer be legal entities. The new company receives the existing rights, duties and liabilities of the original two companies.
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